Premium Malbec Wines

Groomed to be a super-premium wine cloaked in a premium bottle, Piattelli Premium Malbec wines inspires even the most passive wine consumer to sit up and take notice. The elegance of this sleek, iconic bottle is only surpassed by the excellence of the flavorful, fruit-forward wine it contains.


From shoot to shelf, Piattelli Malbec wines results from tireless personal oversight by winemaker Valeria Antolin and general director Gabriel Fidel. With consultant Roberto de la Mota and an expert staff, they constantly pursue vinicultural perfection.

  • Grapes were hand-picked and manually sorted
  • Grapes underwent 3 days of cold maceration
  • Fermented in 5,000 to 10,000-liter stainless steel tanks
  • Follows 90% of the same process as Grand Reserve Malbec Wines

AGING: Piattelli Premium Malbec wines was aged for 8 months in small, second-use French- and American-oak barrels and then bottle-aged an additional 6 months.

14.4% Alcohol 3.66 pH
2.40 g/l Residual Sugar 19,000 Cases
5.63 g/l Total Acidity    


A colorful starburst of deep purple evolving to raspberry red, Premium Malbec wines are layered bouquet lightly blends caramel, chocolate, and tobacco notes with a port, blackberry, and cherry flavor, lingers with a gentle tannin pull, and finishes with understated-yet-resonant oak.


  • Elevation: 3,200 feet
  • World's best Malbec wine grapes
  • Grapes thrive in robust soil
  • Water is irrigated from the Andes mountains
  • Warm dry days, cool nights maximize color and tannins
  • Arid environment minimizes common viticultural challenges
  • Malbec wine grapes are grown on 5 to 30-year-old vines, which are managed to yield only 6.6 pounds of fruit per vine and 4.5 tons per acre
Piattelli_vineyards-Wines Under $20


With a Parker score of 91 (2009) and priced under $20, Premium Malbec wine reputation is expanding as a brand that satisfies the consumer's desire for both flavor and value. Do you agree? Email your feedback here.

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