Mendoza the Amazing

Mendoza is located in the far western expanse of Argentina at 3,152 feet above sea level.  The soil is sandy, providing perfect drainage while the mountain rivers offer ample water. The region experiences four distinct seasons with no extremes in temperatures, providing an ideal grape growing environment. 

Salta the Beautiful

600 miles north sits the growing region of Salta at 5600ft above sea level.  It is one of the highest grape growing regions in the world.  Intense sunlight and desert conditions combined with snow-melt water from the Andes mountains create an ‘over ripe’ aspect to the grapes, providing big, deep flavors that carry over into the wine. 


Valeria Antolin



Valeria is our head Winemaker and she works at the Mendoza Winery. She manages all of the Winemaking Operation in Argentina. She is a 4th Generation Winemaker and has been featured in Wine Spectator Magazine.


Alejandro Nesman


Alejandro is a master at utilizing Cafayate’s unique climate to produce some of the best and highest rated high altitude wines in Argentina. With his knowledge and expertise we will continue to grow amazing varietals at these new heights.