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Piattelli Vineyards has strived to continue to focus on our relationship with our consumers long-term. We want to make sure we perfect our mission of Quality, Value, and Consistency. This then in turn creates Trust, something extremely difficult to earn, and just as easy to lose. We pride ourselves in the fact that because of our high Quality wines, we stand out from an already crowded market. We want to be sure that our consumers always feel Valued, that we care about their needs. Lastly, we provide a Consistency with our wines that repeatedly receives recognition and publication from wine tasters and magazines such as James Suckling, Wine Spectator, and many more. This is no small feat, but continues to be our daily focus of perfecting our own standards and exceeding them.

Through our mission, each day is carried out due to our talented and passionate team; committed to always bring Quality, Value, and Consistency directly to our consumers. Without each individual of the Piattelli family, our state of being and mission would not exist.

Eric Malinski, President, Piattelli Vineyards

Featured Wines Below:


Piattelli Grand Reserve Trinità 2015 vintage has received another great rating!

Trinità was rated 91 points by Wine Enthusiast for the this vintage.

The 2015 vintage has now received three separate 90+ point ratings shown below:

Piattelli Vineyards recently participated in a great tasting event in the coast city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. More than 100 people, including winemakers, sommeliers, trade, people from the industry and consumers tasted 70 samples of Malbec. It´s the 4th annual edition of this event.

The samples were very representative of the market, because many brands sent samples to be tasted, including Piattelli.

The activity was divided into 4 flights, depending on the price point at market:

1) up to 11USD 2) 12USD to 16USD 3) 17 USD to 21USD 4) 22USD and higher

The dynamic was planned as follows: each assistant tasted 18 wines from each segment or flight, and then decides the 6 winners in order of preference.

We got excellent results with our Grand Reserve Malbecs!

Our Grand Reserve Malbec from Cafayate was #1,

and the Grand Reserve Malbec from Mendoza #3.

Congratulations to all the winemaking team!

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