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Certified Excellence

Piattelli Vineyards Cafayate Winery has received a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. The Cafayate Winery once again has earned the position of number one rated restaurant in Cafayate, Argentina. 

"We are thrilled to receive the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence for Piattelli Cafayate. This endorsement further validates our team's commitment to deliver amazing, food, award-winning wine while delivering an unforgettable experience." He continued, "TripAdvisor is a well respected advisor used in the vacation and dining planning process- it is honest feedback from past guests and potential guests. All the credit and gratitude goes to our amazing Piattelli Cafayate team, our General Manager Jimena Gianola, and our guests who took the time to leave us a review."

- Eric J. Malinski

President, Piattelli Vineyards


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