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Reserve Malbec 92 points Best Buy

Piattelli Reserve Malbec Rating Wine & Spirits

We are pleased to announce Piattelli Reserve Malbec Cafayate has been awarded 92 points from Wine & Spirits Magazine.

Description Below:

92 points |  Piattelli Vineyards $16 2016 Salta Reserve Malbec (Best Buy) Minnesota entrepreneur Jon Malinski and his family run this winery, with vineyards in both Mendoza and Cafayate. Valeria Antolin makes the wines with consulting oenologist Roberto de la Mota. Their spicy, earthy mal­bec has the juiciness of a well-seasoned steak. Aged for nine months in American oak, the wine has tannins that feel like brushed velvet, rich and firm enough to stand up to a thick cut of beef. Vinocopia, Richfield, MN


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